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FMCG Contact Number Date: 11/17/2018
Shiv Sena head office can be contacted through its Contact Details provided here. Shiv Sena contact details, consisting of Head Office Address and Helpline Number will help you to gather information regarding the party easily.

Shiv Sena Head Office Contact Details
Address: Shivsena Bhavan, Dadar(w), Mumbai – 400028
Contact Number: 022- 24225267/ 24371199
Fax: 022-24211717

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    If any bhai create a problem by Steven raza:

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    Can we call sena for help anywhere in india

    Plz replay by Abhishek chandel:

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    नांदेड जिल्ह्यातील युवासेनेचे पदाधिकारी केव्हा जाहीर होणार आहेत

    Biggest ever land grand in Santacruz East of Private land by sunil rodrigues:

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    Inspite of several complaints,notices sent to SRA,CEO, DY.Collector Rokade, Pandare, the land mafia Chandrakant Gorule alongwith the MLA Sanjay Potnis have forcibly demolised our legal, assesed private structure today with the help of Vakola Police. This MLA had threatened us since 2003 and now he has forcible taken possession with the Mafia Builder which please note.

    Want help to arrest 1 fraud by Aarti pande:

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    I need your help to get out from one fraud happened with my dad.

    Request you to please contact me for further information.

    Please consider my request.

    Thank you.

    Aarti pande.

    जय श्रीराम by Jitendra Shukla:

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    मै जीतेंद्र शुक्ल राष्ट्रवादी कांग्रेस पार्टी बिहार में प्रदेश महासचिव पद पर हूँ, मै 2015 बिहार विधानसभा चुनाव में भाग लिया था, वर्तमान मे मै लोकसभा मे भाग लेना चाहता हूँ, कारण मेरी विचार धारा हिन्दुत्व का है, अगर संभव हो तो संपर्क करें,
    7677483366 whatsapp 9431216966 कॉल
    जय हिन्दू राष्ट्र

    Abusing god by Aman:

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    Sir ek instagram id hain jo shiv bhagwaan ko gaali de raha hain... Or wo bhi bahot gandi gandi.... Plss help us sir.... ye uski id link hain sir.... Plss help us sir... Ap bhi check kre aapko bhi bahot bura lagega....

    sarfaesi act case imposed on Remaining RS 133099/- by Surender Yadav:

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    Borrowed RS six lakh during 2006 and paid RS 780581/- when house damaged very badly due to illegal basement constructed by neighbor for which case in Court as well as insurance claim case is also pending in court. But Sarv Haryana Gramin bank gurgaon has lodged multiple cases against us and inflated amount to RS 480546/- for which an audit requested. Now bank wanted to lock the house and not ready to give us time. Complaints to pmo has not been heard at all.

    plz help by Vaibhav Mali:

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    Plz help me ek shivsainik ahe mala khup karaj jhale ahet mala jeev deu vatat ahe mala mumbai madhe milel te kaam me karen mala 20 lakh chi garaj ahe plz help me

    Wastewater treatment for re-use locally by Kulkarni HB:

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    Dear Sir,
    I am visiting Mumbai tomorrow and seeking your appointment for showcasing my simple technology on wastewater treatment and provide a Demo to prove how each and everyone can treat their own wastewater on daily basis and reuse for their own cause and cut down freshwater intake.
    Local bodies can be saved from setting up of STP'S and their mentainance.
    Look forward to meet your goodselves and showing Demo for your kind consideration.
    We can successfully implement this simple technology across the Maharashtra within a week time and bring tangible changes inline with #JanaShakti4JalaShakti introduced by Hon.PM Modi Ji.
    Apart from this, we are the pioneers in introducing open access group captive solar energy for KW scale residential and small commercial establishment clubbed with organic farming.
    Kindly provide me your convenient time asap and obliged in the best interest of general public and civic bodies which are going to get benefitted near future.
    Thanks and regards.
    Kulkarni HB
    Karnataka Solar Energy Society
    Whatsapp 9632468387

    My mother is not animal by Sandeep:

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    Someone called me that my mother is a animal bcz I'm saying him that cow is my mother. Wht u think sir am i wrong
    He is sad that he will eat my mother whole time.

    Appointment for Meeting with Udhav Thakrey and Aditya Thakrey. by Narayan Shinde:

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    We are ShivSainik from Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. We are working for ShivSena from last so many years.
    We are not in contact with ShivSena Head Leaders. We are trying from last one year thru so many other leaders of Shivsena but unable to get appointment of Leaders.
    Humble request to get we in our Sanghatana system and listen our five to ten minutes work for ShivSena, Paonta Sahib, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh.
    Madhukar Dogri - +918278819059
    Narayan Shinde - +919816104058

    I want halp by Kunapareddy Sivakumar:

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    Famly problems in the tample problem

    False promises and later denying it by Shreya Nandi:

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    I want someone to contact me .

    Please let me know the contact number.

    Ved Bias Prachin Mandir by Manuj Dhasmana:

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    Aaj prachin mandir toda gya... hamre yhn pr mandir nirman chal raha h but nirman m ye Teh hua tha ki prachin mandir nhi todenge but aaj mandir todna suru kr diya gya.. ye mandir bohat prachin.. Ved-BIAS k nam... @ ab kya krna chahiye.. plz help

    Toliete Issue is Dahisar west- Kanderpada by Krishi Patil:

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    Dear Team,

    Good Day,

    Myself Krishi Patil residing in sai krupa chawal Kanderpada Dahisar west,
    Mumbai 400068.
    We had gents public toilete in our locality which is been closed due to some reason since last 1month. Due to which we are facing lots and lots of problem.
    We understand that there might be issue due to which the toilete is closed but our problem is since month has spend but no repair work or any single work is started yet.

    Kindly Request you to look into this issue as soon as possible.

    Jai Hind,
    Jai Maharastra.

    Mental tragedy by PATEL JIGNESH SURENDRA:

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    Dear sir / madam
    Meri problem Badi nahi he .. lekin serious he ....
    Meri wife goverment employe he ..
    Usko ... upari adhikari mentality toucher karta he ..
    Aage bhi huva tha .. bat se khatam karidiya tha .. lekin ab bohut toucher kar raha he .. ab aapka hi Sahara he .. plz contact me

    Senior citizen Bus fare concession to 60 years and above by Ravindra Vibhandik:

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    I would like to request you to reduce senior citizen age from 65 to 60 years, like Railways, Airlines.
    It is possible if you decide.
    Thanks and regards.
    Ravindra Vibhandik

    Badnapur vidhansabha -102 by :

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    मा.पक्षप्रमुख व कोअर कमेटी विधानसभा २०१९

    बदनापुर विधानसभा-१०२ मधे मातंगसमाज ५० हजारच्या वर असुन समाजाचा आजपर्यत शिवसेनेकडुन विचार झालेला नसुन यावेळी मातंग समाजाला संधी देण्यात यावी.
    यावेळी जो पक्ष समाजाचा विचार करेल त्याच पक्षाला जालना जिल्हात आम्ही एकजुटीने मतदान करू .

    आता फक्त संधी देऊन साथ घ्या किंवा हाच शिवसैनिक पदाचा राजीनामा समजण्यात यावा .
    जय महाराष्ट्र ...

    For give back my money by Abhi Tiwarangkar:

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    Me eka bangali sobt kaam karat hoto ... Me tyachya sobt magchya 7-8 divsaa pasun kaam kart hoto pn aaj me job sodla aani tyala paise magitle tr tyane mala fkt 500 rupeedile aani mhantla ki me tula paise nahi denar bakiche je karaych aahe te kar

    Help by Suneeta panwar:

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    Aapke ratlam office se mujhe contact kraye URGENT HAI BHAU

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