Latest Complaints

  • Refill cylinder required Customer No 16555
    Masjid Shaikh on 2020-03-31 15:23:38

    My customer No is 16555 i have booked refill but here is no response from the delivery boy 96253224365. also 020 26856445 agency is not picking up phone. Form where should I get the cylinder refill let me know.

    Majid Shaikh

  • Care animals
    Raushan on 2020-03-31 15:19:35

    A humble request to all -
    Please make two extra Chapaatees/Rotis daily in your home for street dogs/Cows and other stray animals who will have no means of feeding themselves since all the Restaurants/Dhabas/Food Carts are closed now due to coronavirus lockdown. Most of the stray animals survive on leftover food provided by Hotel/Dhaba staff. These animals will starve to death in case of a prolonged lockdown. You can handover these breads to your society/ Apartment staff to be kept outside for animals.6204859519

  • Easy to qure CORONA DONT WORY
    J. BRAHMANANDAM on 2020-03-31 15:11:42


  • Not getting gas booking message
    Karishma on 2020-03-31 15:10:24

    I've booked the cylinder but haven't get any message and not get cylinder till yet. My customer number is 7093954059. Please resolve it ASAP. my phone number is 8800531797.

  • Central Helpline Number for corona-virus: - +91-11-23978046
    Ram on 2020-03-31 15:08:59

    Central Helpline Number for corona-virus: - +91-11-23978046

    PM Narendra Modi also shared the WhatsApp helpline number to get information and clear myths on coronavirus. The number is 9013151515. To get any information on coronavirus, all you have to do is send a 'Namaste' to this number on WhatsApp.

  • Complaint to employees
    ShaikhNehal on 2020-03-31 14:57:55

    Your employes behavior are very rude and the work are very slow and they have not find the fault they have direct to new cable new connection. And new charges to pay this
    I will request you to. Please better solution of this network and employes. Otherwise i have to cut my connection this internet very bad result this connection

  • Vaiphei
    Hoifel on 2020-03-31 14:35:09

    We didn't get our gas yet which was booked already on 20th march

  • Gas cylinder not come.
    Lavi tyagi on 2020-03-31 14:30:14

    Hello sir, there is no cylinder in our house. It has been almost 8 days since booking but has not come yet. A man named Ashoka brings gas to our place. But have not come yet and are not even picking up the phone. So please solve our problem by doing this.

    Thank you.

  • Milk sale related
    Amit kumar on 2020-03-31 14:23:49

    Sir, this is amit kumar from durgapur p.o. nawada bazar, p.s rajoun, dist. Banka, bihar. Sudha milk centre near taskari, sir my complain is I take loan for buying 4 cattle through jila gavya vikash yojna few days before but this time milk not sale anywhere even sudha centre reason of corona virus or lockdown. This time my total milk waste. Nd I losses income, so, plz request to you what I do ....Can any hepl

  • Anjan Roy Bhowmik on 2020-03-31 14:00:59

    Last date Gas received on.07.03.20
    date of booking on 27.03.20
    when cylinder will be received.Pl.inform me.

  • Inferior service.
    Ruby devi on 2020-03-31 13:59:16

    sir,i am extremely sorry to say that ur service is not useful in slum area.i have already booked order but i havenot gotten filled cylinder till fortunately once i have concerned to ur office and they suggest me that ur delivery person will give me a filled refil after half an hourbut when i concerned to ur delivery person he refused to give megas cylinder today and advised me to reconcern with him after the dayafter tomorrow.i have not enough cng gas so that i can cook food for me and my children in evening.tell me sir what i could do in such panic time.i hope that u will invite ur kind aatention towards my complaint and take further step.

  • Kit validate or not
    Soubhagya on 2020-03-31 13:56:21

    Dear, I purchased a kit before 1 months but I test after 1 months it's result 1 line pink another line is show but not highlited pink but just line it's kit is validate or not for result kindly send me

  • Lpg cylender
    Rambalak maharaj on 2020-03-31 13:53:39

    Consumer no 1590
    Bil no 300236581
    Lpg rate 796=types but 950 Rupa Lpg cylinder ka liya please rupya return kare
    Gaw me poor ko bebkuph bana kar 150rupya extra ek cylender par lena

  • Prasad
    Manisha Kumari on 2020-03-31 13:49:01

    My booking couldn't be created how to book my gas please solve my query

  • Narendra sahoo on 2020-03-31 13:46:19

    My led tv sound not working mobile no 8328843228

  • Connection issue
    Sunil on 2020-03-31 13:31:44

    Sir, please tell me how to connect micromax LED with mobile phone.... I had tried many more times but it fails everytime.. So plz help me by proper guidance..

  • For help us
    Mohammad Akhlak on 2020-03-31 13:22:32

    Assalamoalaikum. I'm a Hafiz e quran. हम माली हालात से बहुत कमजोर हैं हमारे घर में काफी लोग रह रहे हैं हम 4 भाई और हमारे छोटे छोटे 16 बच्चे। हम जहाँ नमाज़ और मद्रासा पढाने जाते हैं वह हमसे काफी दुरी पर और अभा कोरोना वाइरस कि वजह से सब कुछ बंद है और हमारे दुसरे भाई जोके बील्डिंग लाईन मे मजदूरी करते थे जो अभी बंद है हम लोग अहमदाबाद में रहते हैं अभी हालात की वजह से काफी दीक्कतों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है, हमने आपके बारे मे सुना है कि आप मख्लुके खुदा पर बहुत ही मेहरबान है लीहाजा आप हमारी ईमदाद फरमाएं ताकि हम आपके तुफैल अपना ओर अपने बच्चों को पेट भरसके. किसी ने क्या खुब कहा है के (करो मेहरबानी तुम अहले ज़मी पर खुदा मेहरबां होगा अर्शे बरी पर) मौला आपके ओर आपके वालीदैन और तमाम घर

  • Surat
    UDESING somabhai patel on 2020-03-31 13:15:03

    Vapima 47 mp namajutone jamavanuke revenu nathi maltu key gam chalta aava hat pan police pachhi tempama shrine vashda sushi chalta aava Rachel pa police pachhi tiyaj muki aavi chhe to aelokone mp mukijavani vevash tha Katie nahito jamvanu also polish majuroni seva gamrahine karuchhu vine bhrai nash kar

  • Ahamad
    Shamim Ahamad on 2020-03-31 13:13:01

    Price of indane gas in gopalganj,bihar is 907.50 rupees,but the distributer sell at the rate of 950 rupees.we want to know what is the exact price of indane gas,why the distributer want extra money. Please reply fast.

    Shamim Ahamad

  • Ahamad
    Shamim Ahamad on 2020-03-31 13:09:49

    Price of indane gas in gopalganj,bihar is 907.50 rupees,but the distributer sell at the rate of 950 rupees.we want to know what is the exact price of indane gas,why the distributer want extra money. Please reply fast.

  • Delivery late
    Vinod Kumar on 2020-03-31 13:06:19

    We are exist customer of Ratawal Bharatgas. Copy no. 24279 named Hirday Narayan Singh. Our booking has been done but cylinder did not received yet and your phone no. Does not connect ever. So plz deliver the cylinder as soon as possible

  • Satyam
    Satyam Pandey on 2020-03-31 13:03:51

    Sir please help me my mobile number 9161076240,8299796296

  • Not supplying paper
    pinaki chatterjee on 2020-03-31 12:56:49

    I'm not getting paper since last week.
    Dealer not supplying at the door step.

  • Mp Parmesan vavat
    Ashish Namdeo on 2020-03-31 12:39:45

    Hello sir Ham 6 log MP Jila Narsinghpur Tahsil gotegaon Mukam post kanjai ke Rahane Wale Hain yah Maharashtra mein sugar can harvester chalane Aaye The Main Jila Jalna Tahsil Ambad Sonak Pimpalgaon mein Main fasyHain aapse nivedan hi hi ki ki Hamen main permission DJ ki ki ham MP Ja sake

  • MP Jane ke liy parmeesan
    Ashish Namdeo on 2020-03-31 12:28:24

    Sar ham 6 log jila jalna tah. Ambad me fase huye h ham MP jila Narsingpur tah. Gotegaon gram kanjai ke rahne wale h hame Parmesan dilwane ki daya Kare ham log Maharashtra me sugar cane Harvestar chalane aaye they

  • Mobile display crack
    Gaurav on 2020-03-31 12:22:20

    I have Samsung m30,the display of my phone has been crack it doesn't work. Can you explain how much cost take too repair

  • Sanitation inspection and removal of garbage
    Vijay vats, advocate on 2020-03-31 12:09:57

    Sir, adjacent to my house, in a plot, a kabadi has stored a heap of garbage(used poly bags, empty plastic bottles etc) in patwari mohalla vill Sihi, ward no. 34 MCF. In such a pandemic period, such illegal activities may invite another epidemic. Kindly do the needful. MOB 9212541377

  • For gas complants
    Sheenu garg on 2020-03-31 12:07:15

    How can we get our gas cyclender when we have book our cyclender 15 days before

  • Brijesh Kumar sharma on 2020-03-31 12:04:42

    Chor hai

    Gas home delivery Ka 50 rupees Lete h

  • pyare lal on 2020-03-31 12:02:07

    sir mera grahak nambar 7539059005 hai meri booking 2 bar kar chuka hu par mujhe abhi tak koi jawaab nahi mila. pleas silender jald dilwaye. phon karo to hamesha vyast batata he.