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Electricity Vidyut Board Date: 08/09/2017
GESCOM Customer Care Contact Number : +91 8472 256581

GESCOM Customer Care Address : Corporate Office, Station Road, Kalaburagi - 585102 Karnataka

GESCOM Customer Care Number : +91 8472 256842

GESCOM Customer Care Toll Free Number : 1800 425 1916

GESCOM Customer Care Fax Number : +91 08472- 256989

GESCOM Customer Care Helpline Number : +91 1912

GESCOM Customer Care Query Number : +91 8472 25698

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    Complaint against excess electricity bill by Prashant Jaiswal:

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    I am getting a very excess bill that is above Rs. 800/- since 4 months.The bill appears to be inflated as I know for certain that our consumption of electricity is not so high as to warrant such a high bill. Our all previous bills were in between Rs. 300/- to 400/-.I request you to please look in this matter seriously and send your person to check weather somebody is doing theft of electricity from our meter or the meter is faulty. Please inform us the reason why am I getting so much excess bill and when are you going to send your person to check our meter.I appreciate if this matter of unfair excess billing is resolved at the earliest.Waiting for your immediate action.
    Thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Shantabai W/o Nagendra
    ID :- 2963300885

    No Power since from yesterday by Prashant:

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    From yesterday no power in Banashankari layout near Gachinmani hospital brampuur Gulbarga.. What u guys r doing.. Hopeless service.. Can't u fix it.. All. Ruined the festival celebration..
    How many days u need to solve the issue. got any skilled workers or cowherds?

    by pooja:

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    wanna clarification whether you have tie up with Manpial Hospital Malleshwaram. Need to contact your corporate office. Pls call back on 8123487047

    Reg-electrical connection at irrigation land at Aurad sirsi by Rakesh:

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    Dear sir,
    I paid fee for the electrical connection for irrigation land at Aurad sirsi dated 29-10-2014, pani number 266 in the name of Mr.K.Manik Prabhu.
    I appreciate if you look into the matter and supply the poles as earliest. As I incurred heavy lost due to not availability of power supply till date.

    Thanking you
    K Rakesh s/o k manik prabhu

    GESCOM Customer care persons not working properly by Riyaz:

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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am resident of Islamabad Colony, Kalaburagi, facing power fluctuation problem in my home from last 4 days, also complaint several times on Gescom customer care 1912, but no proper response, 10th exams are going on, how childrens can study without proper light ? Small babies cannot sleep due to the same fluctuations, Electronics units are under problem.
    I want to know what Gescom persons are doing ? Why they are not solving our problem ?
    This is my contact number +919886368996

    line man complain by sharad khonde:

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    प्रिय सर
    जेस्कॉम गुलबर्गा
    विषय : लाइन मन देने के बारे मे
    ऊपर दिये हुये शीर्षक को ध्यान मे रखते लिखता हूं की मै horandi गॉंव से tq.kamalnagar हमारे गॉंव मे 2 month से lineman नही है 4 transfarmer काम नही कर हैं बार बार कहनेसे भी कोई इधर आने के तयार नही और j.e.साहब का इधर ध्यान नही है drinking water aur गॉंव मे पीने के पानी बहोत कठिनहि चल रही जल्द ही याँहाकि की मुश्किल kam karne ke liye एक helper bhej दीजिये और काम शुरु किजीये
    आपका विश्वासू
    शरद खोंडे

    by santosh:

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    I wish to get electricity connection to my agriculture land through akrama-sakrama scheme, motor capacity is 10 HP.

    please let me know the fee amount and the procedure to submit the request

    Electric bill payment by Mujahed ali:

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    Dear sir I want pay electric bill by online by my self cell but at the time here asking your consumer no.i saw in the bill there is no consumer no.only have a meter no.plz help me and how can I find my consumer no.thank u

    About electricity bill by BASAVARAJ S BORANNAVAR:

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    Operator Reference Number B626127458 from this number we paid electricity bill Rs 615 in patym. But we didn't get any message from GESCOM.
    1. Operator Reference Number B626127458 .
    2. Amount 615.
    3. Bill payment order number 5078885684.
    4. Transaction date and time 1/5/2018 @11:14pm.
    sub division kuknoor.
    RR number KR24825.

    About my account not exist by BASAVARAJ S BORANNAVAR:

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    My account is not exist please problem solved

    Operator no B626127458
    Sub division :Kuknoor
    RR NO KR24825
    mobile no 8722962126

    Power cut by Saif Ali khan:

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    Why always power cut goes down in sedam bhavani Nagar always in between without any intimate of power cut some time morning some time evening and midnight other areas the power is seen regularly we noticed only in bhavani Nagar always in between power cuts these is negligence by gescom when we need much power in night then power cut takes place improve or tell us ur not educated people running gescom .

    No power hole night by Syed:

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    Manvi taluk keb fully west


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    Low village supply of electricity and any other issues

    Power cut complaints by Praveen poojari:

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    Sir is a resident of sskb college road Sarvodaya colony. Sir 10 times a day Power cut every time tc problem (sskb college tc) specialy night time There is full night power cut There's no one who did sir phone. Sir, there is a lot of thieves who are here at night. Sir is a request we need to solve the problem here

    Drastic power down daily by Muralidhar K N:

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    Dear sir as mentioned above we are facing Drastic power down in our area daily minimum 10times

    Muralidhar K N
    M P Prakash nagar
    9th Ward
    Hospet Taluk
    Bellary District

    Not having electric poles in my area by Earesh s/o Bassappa:

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    Dear sir my name is Earesh and I live in Abdullah colony hutti gold mines T/Q lingasugur District Raichur sir in my area there are no electrical poles so please help me and they are poles but there are not issuing the poles so please take my humble complaint

    Power problem by Hanumantayya:

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    Sir 30 hrs de current nahi hai complaint deye to response nahi hai what to do

    Complain by Akhtar Hussain:

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    No current supply from 7pm near ashapur circle I B road Raichur

    New star tyre puncture work shop by Ruknuddin:

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    Why light low morning to this time in autonagar sheikh roza gulbarga

    24 Hours Electricity No Power by MBK Raj:

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    It is really ridiculous that In district head quarters like Gulbarga , There is no Power supply for more than 24 hours yesterday 11-SEP-2018 7:30 PM to 12-SEP-2018 9:30 AM. under LOHARGALLI area.

    Do'nt know if any responsible officer is there in the GESCOM office.

    Could you please share his contact Details or email Id .

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