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    Ruma Roy on 2020-11-27 21:49:10

    To the Editor In Chief

    This complain is in regards to the locality I am currently staying in. Couple of days back I have already shared complain emails to the local PS as well as Bidhannagar Commissionrate & newspaper (Ei-samay) but as of now no such fruitful results have been undertaken.
    My name is Ruma Roy aged 49 currently staying in Kolkata - North 24 Parganas at Baguiati (Joramandir) - Rabindrapalli in an apartment named Sundaram apartment 1st floor since 2017 January. There is a private villa in the name of Barnika just beside our apartment which I consider to be the most disturbing house in the entire locality because since early morning 7:30 the tenants of this particular house (Shampa & Dikta) staying in the ground floor starts their household work by washing clothes & that too making terrible noise that continues till 12 noon. We are bound to get up from sleep as they make it intentionally.
    My daughter is currently doing work from home, she is not able to concentrate on her work properly due to the huge sound made by her. We have told them several times but is of no use, we are really not sure whether our letter of appeal to make this family get shifted to somewhere else has seriously been looked into or not.
    Moreover this entire locality is a big example of how mean mentality a person can have with nature of eaf teasing from age 8-80. One of the owner of this apartment where I am currently staying in the name of Baidya Sarkar, my father Mr. Madan Mohan Saha , my brother Mr. Barun Saha are the main culprits behind this harassment happening to me since last 2 years. My husband expired in the year 2011 & since that point of time my in-laws of my husband's side are taking care of us monetarily & my parents kept no contact with us as I had protested against their no caring attitude towards me & my daughter & as a result they have influenced the entire locality to torture us & that I get bound to leave this place.
    I thereby request you look into my matter on an urgent basis in coordination with the local PS (Baguiati).
    I would really appreciate if a necessary action can be taken against the names as mentioned above.

    Ruma Roy