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India is heralded as the biggest democracy in the world. This developing country formerly had an economic growth rate of 8-9% and has reaped the benefits of high esteem it has held before any other developed countries. However, due to recent events, the nation seems to be losing that position.

Prevailing Issues and Its Circumstances
The recent distressing issues of India-

The CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act)
The NRC (National Register of Citizens)
India’s internal matters are vastly affecting its ties with other countries. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe postponed his visit to India during the Assam protests against CAA, and just a day before, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Momen and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan had cancelled their visit to the country.

After the Cold War, India worked hard for 25 years to be an economically and otherwise stable country. Its high economic growth ensured its significance on the map, thereby leading the US to make a nuclear deal with the nation.

Dwindling Economy of the Country
However, after 2015, all this hard work has been going down the drain. The growth rate has dwindled to 5%. The country has little to no economic stability, and the youth is running itself haggard trying to look for jobs or keep the ones they have.

Many believe, the issue of severe influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh was necessary to be addressed. Immigrants have crossed the border illegally and settled in the states of Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya etc. Since it has gone unchecked for so many years, they have managed to marginalise the tribal community of these states, and their numbers are still growing at an alarming rate. As such, the steps the government took may have been necessary; however, there were better ways to deal with this situation.

Instances that Followed:
For example, Amit Shah’s reference to Bangladeshi refugees as “termites” was uncalled for, because India had so far maintained good relationships with Sheikh Hasina. In 2018, Bangladesh was the largest importer of Indian made two-wheeler vehicles and had also surpassed Pakistan in terms of GDP per capita. After all this, the way India is treating Bangladeshi refugees sends out a message to other leaders, that joining hands with India might result in self-loss.

Then there is the issue of hyphenation. India had worked hard to bury the hyphenation issue, which will cause the US to treat India and Pakistan as the same. Right now, whatever issues India has with Pakistan is resolved between themselves without the involvement of a mediator or a third party, however, on re-hyphenation, the US will be obligated to involve itself and thus be wholly exposed to all Indian issues. But this re-hyphenation is desirable to Pakistan who might use the Kashmir issue to ruin relationships between India and the US. India’s perspective-” The more Pakistan gets entangled in India’s foreign policy outlook; the less impactful will be its dealings with global challenges”.

ETV Urdu Kashmir News and ETV Breaking News have no other choice but to keep repeatedly regaling the woes of Kashmir. At one time, Kashmir did not even have the facility of connecting with the outer world so it could tell others of its situation. Even now, things are a little better, but there is much left to be desired. Today, situations like these feel like we as a society are regressing instead of progressing. Religion is supposed to bring people together in solidarity and not subject others to atrocities. As human beings, we are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions, and being tortured for one’s faith is an atrocity of the highest order.

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