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Nissan Service Center Date: 06/10/2017
Real Data Jobs Customer Care Contact Number : +91 76 6783 1212

Real Data Jobs Customer Care Address: 54,Andavar Street, Sampath Nagar, Erode, Erode District, Tamil Nadu, India - 638011

Real Data Jobs Customer Care Number : +91 76 6783 1212

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Customers Tickets

    call me by :

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    Call me... I want some details.

    Lost by Celestine Gerald:

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    Received the package and lost it, could you resend my id. to my email.pls order no must be ORD00397757

    Membership cancellation by Devi Sharma:

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    Please cancel my registration. I was trying to reach you but unable to do so. I will not be able to become a member of this website as I will be moving to USA by next month.

    Explain by Mohammed:

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    I have order a package please explan me the process what work and how to earn money and send to the package again contact 9323330378

    Need help by Deepa:

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    I want to returned the courier please tell me were to courier please tell me your address .

    I need to cancel my request for membership by Selvarani:

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    Though I need to cancel the request of registration for membership...what is the procedure for that?

    Don't send the membership package by Pavithra:

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    I registered by mistake I m not interested in the job. Please don't send any membership package

    Cancel of membership kit by Sumaiya:

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    I really opolagize, as of now i dont have a badget i am requesting you to just cancel my membership kit.. i will definitly book again after some days..

    Cancel membership order and delivery by Saranya:

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    I no wish to receive my membership order docket no:43314277

    Cancel my membership order and delivery by Saranya:

    (4 of 5)

    I no wish to receive my membership order so please cancel it . docket No:433314277

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