Nitish Kumar Bihar CM, Contact Number, Email Id & Office Address

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Bihar Chief Minister Contact Number, Email Address, Office Address, and More details have been provided here. The Chief Minister of Bihar is the final authority in the Government of Bihar’s executive branch. The current Government of Bihar is headed by Nitish Kumar, the leader of Janata Dal

(United). They won the elections in 2016 with majority seats. The Chief

Minister of Bihar is an important person for the people of the state.

A large number of people always wanted to know contact information of Bihar Chief Minister. In this article, we have compiled a list of contact information of Bihar Chief Minister, such as Official Website, Email Address, Residence Address, Contact Numbers, Contact Details, Home Address, Fax Number, Contact Information, and more. So, let’s enjoy!

Bihar Chief Minister Contact Number, Email Address, Office Address, and More

Bihar Chief Minister Office Address: Chief Minister’s Office, 4,Deshratana Marg, Patna
Residence Address: Chief Minister Niwas, Patna, Bihar

Bihar Chief Minister Contact Numbers

Bihar Chief Minister Contact Number: +91-612-2223886
Bihar Chief Minister Phone Number: +91-612-2224784
Bihar Chief Minister WhatsApp Number: +91-612-224788
Email ID / Email Address: [email protected]
Fax Number: +91-612-2205800
Official Website:
Residence Fax Number: +91-612-2223393

Bihar Chief Minister Social Media Presence

Official Facebook Profile:
Official Twitter Handle:
Official LinkedIn Account:

The Chief Minister of Bihar enjoys very high-level facilities and security too from the government. Patna is the capital of the state and all the offices are located in the capital.

The current Chief Minister of Bihar

is Nitish Kumar who was elected with good majority along with Lalu Prasad Yadav. They defeated many other political parties in Bihar in assembly elections.

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Customer Care

In the matter of curbing the untimely release of the life convicts, multiple murders, repeat offenders Lalu Tiwari, Lala Tiwari, Uma Tiwari, and Pramod Tiwari; all are R/o: Village –Mangra; P.S.: Kar

The Hon’ble CM, Bihar
Sh Nitish Kumar
In the matter of curbing the untimely release of the life convicts, multiple murders, repeat offenders Lalu Tiwari, Lala Tiwari, Uma Tiwari, and Pramod Tiwari; all are R/o: Village –Mangra; P.S.: Karakat, Distt: Rohtas from Central 'cum' Open Prison Buxar arising out of Karakat-P.S.-Case-No. 148 of 1998 u/s147/148/149/341/342/323/452/302/201/379, 34 IPC, and 27 Arms Act; Karakat-P.S.-Case- No.- 132 of 1985 u/s 307,324, 34 IPC and 27Arms Act, and also Karakat-P.S.-Case-No.- 76 of 1986 u/s 25(A), 26 Arms Act, as there is a serious apprehension about their future conduct upon their premature release, would be prejudicial to the interest of deceased family members and independent witnesses of crimes.
The callous local police administration, Rohtas under influence of affluent-powerful life imprisonment convicts has mocked the justice system by recommending unilaterally, selectively, and partisan manner devoid of utter stake holders’ concern for the untimely release of above-mentioned monsters despite vehement opposition by the independent witnesses and family members of deceased and forwarded the same to prison department as if it is a banana republic where kangaroo system is only prevailing. However, the latest investigation by Thanaadhyaksha, Karakat through DR-2140/2019 dated 22.08.2019 has explicitly indicated that tension is still prevailing and nothing would be deciphered with the certainty. When it was asked why local police are batting for brutes not for brutalized, then the S.P. Rohtas, Sri Satya Veer Singh took wrongly plea of the Hon’ble high court order. But the court order has no where been mentioned and figured in the recommendation forwarded to prison department for the untimely release of aforesaid brutes nor as such the court order exists instead Cr.WJC- 1755 of 2018 filed by above brutes was dismissed on 29.01.2019 by upholding the decision of Bihar State Sentence Remission Board at Patna.
Therefore, you are requested to do needful compatible to facts and circumstances and also in true and total perspective while deciding premature release of above brutes having previous criminal records and strong doubtful future conduct since brutes are still passing life threat and their untimely release will make us to suffer an irreparable loss and further manifest injustice. Yours Truly

Bimla Devi
(Petitioner, informant &Victim)
Wd/0: Deceased Rajendra [email protected] Lalan Tiwari
At: Mangra; P.S: Karakat (Gorari); Distt: Rohtas; Pin 802 205
Email Id: [email protected]; 9466077552(M);

NB: Meanwhile, a series of representations have been made out in this regard but nothing appears to be materialized on the ground.

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