Indane Gas Agency Date: 11/10/2014
Distributor Name:GOLDEN FLAME 

Distributor Address:42/139C, NEW BALLYGUNGE ROAD, CALCUTTA 

Distributor Contact Number:23435610/23446655 

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    Extremely good service EXCEPT the people you send have just a few minutes back TAKEN ADVANTAGE of the fact that no seniors were present, only my 2 daughters were home - asked for Rs 16 extra, sat on the cyclinder in the room asked for water & by the way I give them a decent Rs 10 everytime they visit my GROUND FLOOR flat.
    The ticket that gas was arriving was sent this Friday.
    Please stop this gross attitude and pay them well.

    Gas not delivered by Sovia Roy:

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    Consumer No: 01225
    Distributer : Golden Flame, 42/139C New Ballygunge Kolkata
    Ph: 033-23435610 / 033-23446655
    Cash Memo No : 3000213014
    Amt : Rs.711.50
    Booking No.: 609016
    Message Received : Gas delivered on 9th March 2018

    Complaint: Gas not delivered

    customer No:09495 by Ranendra Lal Modak:

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    I am a resident of [ECTP, PHASE-3 SAMADRITA HSG CO-OP ,FLAT-B-9/1 behind Gateway Hotel Ruby Hospital #.
    Presently I am staying at Kankhal, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

    I visit kolkata 2-3 months a year.
    While I will be at kolkata how can get regular supply of Gas from you.
    What am I to do for necessary formalities?Thanks.

    Regarding delivery person by Rashmi Tiwari:

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    Delivery person has taken empty cylinder in advance saying that he will give full cylinder when I will book for full without asking for empty but he deneis to do the same
    What should I do?

    Not receiving of confirmation for cylinder booking via SMS by Kabita Ghosh:

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    I have booked a LPG cylinder through SMS on both 9088324285 and 9331024918 but still i am yet to get any confirmation from your end, though SMS have been delivered to you. Please do needful so that i can get my LPG cylinder at the earliest. Details are given below
    My consumer number- 06449
    Name - Kabita Ghosh
    Address - Flat-B13/7. EKTP Phase III. kasba. kolkata-107

    Purkayastha by BHABATOSH:

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    Dear Sir,

    My consumer No is 09743. Often I find that cylinder supplied is leaking, on complaint made to you you send your men and they mend with another defective washer, not once but twice. Leaking LPG cylinder is a potential danger to life and property. I request you to be very careful in this respect and I hope next time you supply a good cylinder.

    Double Connection by Subrata Das:

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    I have to know the details procedure and documents required for 2nd cylinder connection. Have it accomplished through online? Please inform me.

    Did not get cylinder after Delivery by Haradhan Nayak:

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    Dear sir/madam,

    Myself Sangita Nayak behalf of my father mr haradhan Nayak who's name enlisted in golden flame distributor gas service. Madam now com complaint is that my cash was delivered some days ago but still I did not get my gas cylinder now my mobile show that your distributor service which is golden flame is already dealt with my gas and it is delivered to my house that means my distributed guy whose name is Alok who is stolen my cylinder and sell it on another customer which is a hydrated and he doing the same thing again and again so now my cylinder is totally finished now what I what can I do please take it seriously and do it forward as soon as possible solve my problem it is a humble request.

    Ghosh by Bidyut k Ghosh:

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    Dear service Provider,

    Displeased to informed / complained that last two days try to contact with BALLYGUNGE GOLDEN FLAME gas distributor and adrress is 42/139C New ballygunge road , Kolkata -42 contact no:033-23446655 and 033 -23435610 and very surprised that nobody is picking up my emergency call regarding my gas oven regulator is not working and not off the regulator and this very serious condintion and don't have any alternative no...... also
    i don't have gas emergency service no.... , please provide.
    my consumer no is 10011 and mobile is 9830065829

    urgently look into it and confirm

    bidyut -CN :10011

    by Manab Mukherjee:

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    24 hours gas booking no?

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