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  • Mumbai Local Train Complaint & Customer Care Number - Essential service
    Vijendra Tiwari on 2020-09-16 18:21:38

    I am working in hospital at Parel and its comes under essential services. 3 big govt Hospital are in Parel only and much more Pvt hospital including Covid hospitals.
    But there are none of local train halt at Parel station.
    They are given Local train halt at even Matunga and Vidyavihar but not in Parel.
    Main essential service Hospital situated in Parel only.
    Second, there are no local train in between 5.45 pm to 6.25 pm at Dadar station. Almost after 45 min one thane local are available. So, there are too much rush and nobody maintain social distancing.
    Thereafter, this train parked at platform number 3 at Thane station and all passengers use FOB and there are only one FOB in operation. Because of local train parked at platform no 3 instead oh platform no 1, there are too much rush at fob and not following social distancing.
    So I request you to park this local train at platform no 1 at Thane station for avoiding FOB and too much rush.
    And second please arrange oneore local train in between 5.45 pm to 6.25 pm at Dadar station.